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Everything There Is To Know About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs bodies are oval and flat. They do not have wings, but adult bed bugs do have wing pads. However, they never fully develop and are unable to fly. While they cannot jump or fly, these critters can crawl extremely quickly. A fully mature bed bug will be brown in color, but their bodies transform into a reddish color after feeding. It has been a very popular misconception that bed bugs cannot be seen with the naked eye, but this is completely untrue. They can be seen, but they are very hard to spot. The smaller bed bugs called nymphs are hard to spot, but adult bed bugs are much more detectable.

A nymph is about the size of an apple seed and they will be white or tan in color until they feed. You may need to contact a Bed Bugs Denver Exterminator.

Bed Bug Diseases

Bed bugs do carry disease, but there have not been any documented cases in which a bed bug has actually transmitted a disease to its host. This does not mean that there are no risks involved with bed bugs. If someone does not keep his or her bed bug bites clean and disinfected, it can lead to a secondary infection. These secondary infections are more likely to occur in individuals with weaker immune systems, children, and elderly people. This would be especially true for someone who is bedridden and unable to walk.

It has been documented that some people have suffered allergic reactions from bed bug bites. In a case like this, the person would have to seek medical attention. With that being said, the greatest risks posed by bed bugs are the irritation of the bites and the psychological effects that it might have on you.

Bed Bugs and Fleas

Sometimes it can be hard for a homeowner to determine the difference between bed bug bites and fleabites. Whatever the case may be, if you have fleas or bed bugs and reside in the Denver area, the situation is going to call for a professional. The treatments to rid your home of fleas will differ quite a bit from bed bugs. Below you will learn more information about the difference between fleas and bed bug

* Both of these parasites require a warm-blooded host, but in most cases fleas will like to feed on animals such as cats or dogs. On the other hand bed bugs like to feed on humans, but they will feed on mammals, as well.

* Fleas are usually introduced into the home through pets. People usually bring bed bugs into the home through their luggage or used furniture.

* A single flea can lay 150 to 200 eggs every week. A bed bug will only lay 200 eggs in a lifetime.

* Bed bugs are only capable of crawling, but fleas can jump up to 13 inches.

* Bed bugs have been not been know, to spread any diseases, but fleas on the hand have been known to spread typhus, cat-scratch fever, and plague.


As you can see there is quite a bit of difference between bed bugs and fleas, but both are going to require a professional to help with removal.




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