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Everything You Should Know About Bed Bugs In Denver, Co

Over the course of several years, hundreds of individuals throughout Colorado have reported bed bug infestations. Unfortunately, the problem has gotten a little worse and more complicated. This is the case, because bed bugs are difficult to kill and require a unique technique for success. Before plowing forward and attempting to solve the puzzle, you should get to know more about the bed bugs in Denver Co. You will be able to do that below.

What Are Bed Bugs?

Most individuals have heard of bed bugs, but the majority might not fully understand these critters. These are actually parasitic insects, which feed on blood. These bugs feed solely on blood and do not anything else. The critters get their name from their habitat of choice. They absolutely adore warm areas and prefer taking up shelter in your bed! The bugs will typically hide during the day and come out at night to stalk their prey. Although they do bite their victims, these individuals will usually not even notice it, until it is too late.

How To Identify Bed Bugs

Unfortunately, bed bugs are somewhat difficult to spot. They’re hard to see and usually hide away during the day. Instead, you will need to look for the telltale signs, in order to positively confirm a bed bug infestation in your Denver, Colorado home. Below, you will find a list of things to look for.

  • Inspect your body for red and itchy bite marks
  • Look over your linens, bed sheets and pillow cases for red blood marks
  • Inspect furniture and other items in your home for brown excrement

If you’re able to confirm one or more of these, you will likely need to make contact with an exterminator. If not, you will want to try and capturing a live bed bug. It is possible to purchase traps, which can help you in this regard. Once you’ve been able to confirm their presence, it will become time to put an end to their reign.

Know Your Options

Before attempting to rid your Denver, Co home of bed bugs, it is imperative to know your options. There are a handful of possibilities. For your consideration, these will be explored in more depth below.

  • DIY Treatments – First and foremost, you may wish to perform the extermination on your home. This is an excellent option, but it can be time consuming, stressful and very difficult. Plus, some home remedies aren’t entirely effective.
  • Chemical Treatments – On the other hand, you may wish to opt for a chemical treatment. This can be an excellent option and it’ll give you the ability to get rid of the critters. Unfortunately, it’ll usually take more than one treatment to completely eradicate the bugs.
  • Heat Treatments – Finally, you may wish to opt for heat treatments. These are the best and will usually eliminate the bugs, with a single treatment. A heat treatment might be a little more costly, but it’ll also be more effective.


Overall, bed bugs are annoying, difficult to kill and can destroy your home’s serenity. With this in mind, you will want to go above and beyond to get rid of these bugs immediately! Utilizing the information above can help!


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