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Tips On How To Hire A Professional Bed Bugs Exterminator

Do you have adolescents that attend college and reside in the dorms during the week, but return home on the weekend? If so, you are at risk of getting a bedbug infestation. If you are unfamiliar with these little pests, then it is time to educate yourself on they thrive and survive. Below you will discover a few tips on how to hire a bed bugs exterminator in Denver, Colorado.


Parasites are insects that feed on humans and animals. Young bedbugs will have to feed 4-6 times a week, whereas, an adults can survive on 2-4 feedings a week. The bedbug is capable of producing an enzyme that will numb the skin, before they actually stick their feeding tube into the host’s skin. This is why the victim does not experience any sensation or pain, while the parasite is feeding. Once the bedbug has filled its tummy, it will return to its hiding place, which is most likely in your mattress or bed linen.

Bed Bug Characteristics 

An adult bedbug can range anywhere from 4-7 millimeters, which is about the size of an apple seed. Of course, their belly will be bloated and swollen, after they get done eating. The thought of having one of these insects living in your bed can be rather disturbing. Their long, flat body is reddish-brown in color, but after feeding it will appear a darker red.

Skin Irritation 

Bedbugs will penetrate the skin with their feeding tube. This is turn will cause an allergic reaction. Small reddened, edematous welts will appear and most often than not, the victim will not know the source of the bite. They may become so disturbed that they will schedule a visit with their primary care physician. Most bedbug bites are harmless, but there is the isolated case, where the individual will have a severe allergic reaction.

Bedbug Signs 

If you want to locate the bedbugs in your home, you should start by looking around your mattresses and box springs. Dark, black spots will be left behind by the bedbugs. This is feces, dead carcasses, or dried blood and this is a sure sign that you have a bedbug infestation. Once you notice these signs, it will be time to take immediate action, so you better get down to business.

DIY Treatment 

You will find several bedbug treatment solutions at your local big box store or home and garden shop. These products can be rather expensive, so be sure to weigh your options, before purchasing them. Take the time to do a bit research on each product to see how effective it truly is, because many of these treatments are probably ineffective.


Once you detect the bedbug infestation, you should go ahead and strip your beds. Place the linen and mattress cover in a large plastic bag. Make sure to tie it tightly, so you do not spread the infestation to other parts of your home. If you are unsure how to deal with this problem, be sure to contact a professional exterminator in Denver, Colorado.



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