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What You Should Know About Bed Bugs

If you woke up this morning with red welts on your arms or legs, you may have a few bedbugs residing in your home. Many individuals are very uneducated, when it comes to bedbugs, which is why it is necessary to take the time to become familiar with this topic. Bedbugs can be found in university dorms, 5 star hotels, storage facilities, and hospitals, so nowhere is truly safe from these small insects.

Hiring an Exterminator 

Making the final choice to hire an exterminator can be very challenging, but when you consider how difficult it will be to eradicate the infestation, you will not think twice. Your best option will be to hire a Bed Bugs Exterminator in the Denver area, because you do not want to be forced to pay extra. Take the time to do a bit research on each extermination company in the area, before you actually make your final selection.


Extermination service is just like any other type of public service, in that it will come with a hefty fee. If you take the time to look your local newspaper or phone book, you may be lucky enough to find a coupon. This coupon can be applied to the overall costs, which can potentially cut the bill by at least 15-20%. Always take advantage of any discounts or coupons that you find, because your finances will depend on it.

High Heat 

While most exterminators own large machines that are capable of producing a high amount of heat, which are very effective in killing bedbugs, you have other options opened to you. As a matter of fact, you can utilize a hair dryer or steamer to eradicate the bedbugs. Of course, this will be a timely DIY project that may need to be repeated 3-4 times. Many homeowners discover that they do not have the extra time to spare, so they will skip this option and go straight to hiring a professional exterminator in Denver.

You can also wash your linen and clothing in extremely high water and then toss them in the dryer, but turn the setting on high heat or this treatment will not be effective.

Removing Debris 

It is crucial to take the time to clean in and around your home. Insects love to live in dark, warm, and dry areas, so be sure to keep debris, leaves, and stored items away from your home. You should also consider throwing away old stuffed animals and dolls, because these make great places for bedbugs to hide.


Once you have eradicated those pesky bedbugs, you can use encasements to prevent them from returning. You will find a large variety of plastic or vinyl encasements that will work perfectly for this task. You will need to slide these over top of your mattresses and then close the zipper. You should never have to worry about replacing the encasement, because they are very heavy duty and will offer a long service life.


If you have extra money to spend, you should not attempt to tackle the bedbug task on your own. You will definitely benefit greatly from hiring a professional exterminator.


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