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Professional Ant Pest Control Denver Colorado

The ant is one of the most notable members of the Formicidae family. Ants colonize to survive some of the harshest conditions, predators, and overwintering. The ant colony has workers, soldiers, the queen, winged swarmers, and wingless swarmers.

Evidence shows there are between 12,000 and 14,000 members of the insect family Formicidae. Ants have antennas and legs that mimic the human elbow. Their tiny tri-segmented body offers flexibility in tight spaces, such as the passageways that lead to the underground tunnels.

Why Is My Denver Home Infiltrated With Dozens Of Ants?

Ants infiltrate residential and commercial establishments with one thing in mind. This very important thing is food. Small crevices, holes, and cracks in siding, soffit, window frames, and garage door seals are utilized to infiltrate homes. Following infiltration, ants immediately initiate a search for food. Ants can be found in kitchens, dining rooms, and other rooms where food is prepared and served. The insects can also be found foraging for food in outdoor kitchens.

The ant is one of the most diligent Formicidae members. When it comes to surviving or perishing, the ant will always opt for the former. If your residential pest barrier – structural components designed to keep insect intruders out of a home – is vulnerable, it will be infiltrated by ants at some point.

Your home is 100 percent safe from ants during the winter season or overwintering. Ants overwinter to protect the species from extinction. Overwintering allows the ant colony to survive the winter on nutrients from stored fats.

Are My Kid’s Health At Risk When Ants Are Nearby?

There are some health risks related to ant infiltration. There are more health risks related to ant infestation. Ant infiltration generally involves a few handfuls of insects while infestation can have hundreds, if not thousands of insects. With this in mind, ant infestation poses health risks to all the home’s occupants due to contaminants.

Ants infiltrate vulnerable non-perishable food packagings, resulting in foodborne illness – salmonella, E. coli, and Shigella.

What Can I Do To Eradicate An Ant Colony In My Kitchen?

Eradicating ants after infiltration is extremely difficult. For a pest control strategy to be 100 percent effective, it must target the ants inside your home and the ant colony along the perimeter of your home. When an insect colony is divided, it is only common sense that the pest control strategy must be complex. In fact, the strategy must be more complex than the traditional pest control plan.

Professional pest control is the best strategy for ant infiltration and infestation.

Do Over-The-Counter Pesticides Extermination Ant Colonies?

It really depends on the severity of the infestation. The more severe the ant infestation, the more strategic the pest control strategy. We do not recommend DIY pesticides for ant infestations. These pesticides are low potency formulas only capable of eradicating a few handfuls of ants with each treatment, not a full colony.

How Do I Request An Ant Inspection In Denver?

Contact our Denver location and ask to speak with one of our pest control experts. The professional will work with you to set up an appointment for the inspection. It may take up to 48 hours to process your service request. We will dispatch a technician to your home after your service request is processed. In the meantime, we recommend decluttering your home in preparation for the ant inspection.

Will My Kids Be Exposed To Dangerous Pesticides During The Treatment Process?

No, we only treat unoccupied ant-infested homes. Our goal is to protect our clients and their family and pets from chemical pesticide exposure. We understand the risk of pesticide exposure, which is why our protocol prohibits chemical pesticide treatment in occupied homes. If you have any concerns about pest control treatment, do not hesitate to speak with our qualified customer support team.

What Ant Prevention Strategy Offers The Highest Level Of Effectiveness?

Our professional pest control is highly recommended for ant infiltration and ant infestation. Every professional extermination treatment is initiated with a visual inspection of the impacted home. Our pest inspection takes between 1-1/2 and 2 hours for multi-story homes. The inspection begins in the kitchen, where ants are generally found foraging for food.

Be sure to check out our free ant consultation and quotes, both of which are available via appointment only.

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