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Professional Earwig Pest Control Denver Colorado

The earwig is a small insect with multiple sets of legs, two antennas, and a pair of tong-like pincers (appendages) called “cerci.” Earwigs rely on their cerci for nearly every aspect of life. The earwig’s cerci play a major role in defense, food storage, and reproduction. The cerci curvature gives the ear more control when performing essential acts daily.

The largest species of earwig is the Saint Helena giant earwig, which grows up to 3 inches long. Most other earwig species do not grow larger than two inches in length. The earwig became popular for a tale that claimed the insect was found in the human brain, where it reproduced. Of course, the tale is just that, as there is no evidence to be found anywhere.

Why Are Earwigs Infiltrating My Crawlspace?

Earwigs are “overwintering pests,” insect species that spend the winter in the dormant state of overwintering. When overwintering, earwigs perform basic body positional changes, without feeding or reproducing. Reducing body and organ functions allow the earwig to survive on minimal nutrients derived from stored fats.

Small cracks in block foundations make the perfect exterior-to-interior access point into buildings. Earwigs are drawn to dark, damp, cool/warm, and discrete areas, such as those found in basements and crawlspaces.

How Can I Eradicate Earwigs Living In My Crawlspace?

Our professional pest control combines in-home inspections with industrial-strength insecticides and glue traps. Infestation is rarely a risk with earwig infiltration because the insect is solitary. Unlike social insect species, earwigs travel, live, infiltrate, feed, and shelter alone. With this said, when earwigs are involved in the infiltration, other overwintering pests like stinkbugs, box elder bugs, and cluster flies may also be involved.

To make matters worse, the earwig is a nocturnal insect, meaning it is active at night while most humans sleep.

Should I Try Over-The-Counter Pesticides First?

Since earwigs do not colonize, it may be possible to achieve full extermination with over-the-counter pest control products – glue pest traps and an insecticide. It is important to note, home infiltration may not be limited to the earwig alone. In fact, it is not unusual for different overwintering pest species to join forces in infesting residential or commercial establishments. This is why it is so important to perform an extensive visual inspection of the impacted home before investing in pest control products from big-box stores.

Are Earwig Pesticides Harmful To Humans And Animals?

Yes, chemical pest control products are dangerous when the user is careless. Our pest control technicians are not permitted to initiate pesticides with chemicals in earwig-infestation properties. We suggest reaching out to our Denver extermination team to learn more about our earwig extermination protocol.

What Can I Do To Keep Earwigs Out Of My Home In Denver?

At this point, your home is completely pest-free. No earwigs or other overwintering pests are infiltrating or infesting your home. This is the perfect opportunity to strengthen the vulnerable structural components that make up your home’s insect, rodent, wild animal, and stray barrier.

To learn more about our professional earwig management services, reach out to our Denver extermination team.

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