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Carpenter Bees

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Professional Carpenter Bee Pest Control Denver CO

Carpenter bees meet the criteria to be referenced as a “stinging insect” and “flying insect.” As a stinging insect, only the female carpenter bee can fight off predators by stinging, which is very rare. As a flying insect, the male and female carpenter bees soar through the air from one place to another. Several species fit the stinging insect criteria, other than the carpenter bee. These include the ant, wasp, hornet, honeybee, fly, bumblebees, yellowjacket, and mud dauber.

The carpenter bee is a member of the Xylocopa genus. Carpenters bees are both solitary and social insects. They rarely colonize and spend most of their time alone or with a partner. To protect the species from extinction, carpenter bees spend the winter in an overwintering state. This a dormant state like hibernation that allows the carpenter bee’s body to feed on nutrients derived from stored fats.

Why Have Carpenter Bees Overtook My Denver Property?

Breeding season for carpenter bees begins in late April, at which time, a male and female meet up to mate. The male does not survive long after mating with the female. To lessen the burden of erecting a nest alone, the female carpenter bee sometimes returns to a nest utilized the previous breeding season. Unfortunately, the female has a short lifespan of about 365 days or one year.

If a new nest is required, the female carpenter bee will bore small holes in decaying wood, where she will deposit her eggs. The female’s life will soon come to an end after giving birth. Carpenter bees crawl into their tunnels and die.

Are Carpenter Bees Harmful To Humans?

Carpenter bees do not transmit disease and the female is the only gender with a stinger. These aggressive flying insects pose a danger to all humans and animals. While the male is not capable of stinging, he will exhibit aggression toward a child, adult, or animal that is believed to be a threat. Instead of stinging, the male swoops down and darts directly toward what he believes is a predator. It is not unusual for both the female and male carpenter bee to target predators.

These insects are also known to cause mild to moderate structural damage to trees, porches, decks, garages, sheds, and mailbox posts.

What Is The Safest And Most Effective Pest Control Strategy For Carpenter Bees?

Professional carpenter bee management is highly recommended among Denver’s top exterminators. This pest control strategy utilizes industrial-strength pesticides that are capable of killing on contact. Unlike most other insect species, carpenter bees are extremely aggressive toward humans who enter their personal space. Whether the human is a genuine threat or not, the carpenter bee sees a predator.

Our professional carpenter bee control utilizes safety gear to minimize the risk of stings and other dangers.

Do You Recommend Over-The-Counter Pesticides For Carpenter Bee Infiltration?

No, you are not dealing with the typical insect. This is an extremely dangerous pest that will cause harm if at all possible. DIY pest control does not apply in this case. If this were ants or flies, it would be perfectly okay to try over-the-counter insecticides, but unfortunately, it is much worse.

How Do I Request A Professional Carpenter Bee Inspection Of My Denver Property?

Contact our customer support team in Denver to submit your pest control service request. We need at least 24 hours to process your request, at which time you can set up a day for the inspection. In the meantime, we highly recommend keeping as far away from the impacted area as possible. Do not permit your children or pets to enter the area as well.

Are Industrial-Strength Insecticides Harmful To Humans?

Not when they are handled, stored, and transported per the manufacturer’s guidelines. Our EPA-approved pesticides have been deemed “safe” only when applied per the instructions of their labels. We partner with top manufacturers in the United States to ensure our pesticide and insecticide line is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

If it eases your stress, carpenter bees are not known to infiltrate residential or commercial establishments. However, these insects will infiltrate the perimeter around your home or business. Carpenter bee activity is at its highest during the breeding season and prior to the onset of overwintering.

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