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How To Make Bed Bugs Come Out Of Hiding

Finding out how to make bedbugs come out of hiding will prove to be immensely beneficial in the future. You never know when you’re going to encounter an infestation so you need to be ready for anything. With that being said, bedbugs are tricky critters. They know how to hide for many months without being detected. You’ll likely only realize you have a problem once the pests have reproduced significantly. Once this happens, you’ll need to hire an exterminator to remedy the problem. If you can make them come out of hiding, you can identify the problem and fix it much sooner. Below, you’ll find advice and suggestions for making them come out of hiding.

Forcing Bedbugs Out Of Hiding

Thankfully, there are several ways to force bedbugs to come out of hiding. Just remember that not all techniques will work for you. Be sure to experiment until you find out which method works best for you.
  • Make your home dark. Remember that bedbugs tend to hide while you’re awake. When you go to sleep, they’ll come out and feed. In general, most people sleep at night so the bedbugs will likely come out at night. By making your home dark, you might be able to convince them to come out so you can identify the infestation.
  • Bedbugs can be lured by heat. When you sleep, your body is going to release heat. Bedbugs will notice so they can approach and suck your blood. Adding a heat source to your bed might lure them out of hiding. Just remember that they usually won’t get too close to the heat source.
  • You should try renting and using a bedbug steamer. These products are great for eliminating bedbugs. Plus, they can be used to lure the bugs out of hiding. The steamer will release heat so bedbugs will approach. Get a little closer and the steam will kill the bugs.
  • Remember that bedbugs are attracted to heat and CO2. Therefore, it is wise to talk to an exterminator about lures that release both. Place them on your bed and turn them on. Once you’ve done that, bedbugs will begin approaching the lures shortly.
If you find bedbugs in your home, you can kill some of them using a dryer. These appliances produce extremely hot temperatures. They’re great for drying your clothes and killing bedbugs. Throw infested clothes and clothes into your dryer and turn it on. As long as you’re using extreme temperatures, the bedbugs will die within 15 minutes.

Professional Lures

Don’t forget to talk to a professional exterminator about lures. These companies tend to provide high-quality lures that will prove to be effective for many months. In general, they remain active for 90 days. Most of these lures use CO2 and heat to attract bedbugs. Plus, you’ll find that some of them can also kill bedbugs. They use glue cartridges to trap the bedbugs and prefer them from feeding. Therefore, you can solve two goals simultaneously by using professional bedbug lures and traps.

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