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What Scent Keeps Bed Bugs Away?

Essential OilsAre you trying to find effective ways to keep bedbugs away from your home? Unfortunately, you’re not going to have much success using scents. You’ve already learned that certain scents can stop specific pests from invading your home. Certain pests do not like specific smells so they’re going to stay away from them. Although it works well for some pests, it doesn’t work great for bedbugs. These pests are difficult to eliminate and hard to keep away. One thing to note is that male bedbugs do not like baby bedbug pheromones. When bedbugs are hatched, they’re going to release pheromones to protect themselves from adult male bedbugs. Otherwise, the male bedbugs would try to breed with them. When the male bedbugs identify the smell, they’ll know they’re dealing with baby bedbugs so they’ll stay away from them. You can purchase many over-the-counter pest deterrents that contain these scents. Although it helps, it won’t prevent female bedbugs from approaching your dwelling. With that being said, many Denver residents will try using essential oils to keep the pests away. The Department of Agriculture recently studied the benefits of using essential oils to keep bedbugs away. Unfortunately, these scents weren’t reliable. They had an impact on the bedbugs, but the essential oils didn’t keep them away.

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