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LoDo (Lower Downtown) is an unofficial neighborhood in Denver, Colorado, and is one of the oldest places of settlement in the city. It is a mixed-use historic district, known for its nightlife, and serves as an example of success in urban reinvestment and revitalization. The current population is approximately 21,145. The Lower Downtown Historic District was officially enacted by Denver City Council in March 1988 with the intent of encouraging historic preservation and promoting economic and social vitality. The LoDo District, Inc. represents both the residential and commercial communities, and functions as a LoDo-specific chamber of commerce, visitor’s bureau, advocacy agent, and marketing entity.

Before European exploration of the area, Native Americans, particularly the Arapaho tribe, established encampments along the South Platte River near or in what is now LoDo. In 1858, after the discovery of gold in the river, General William Larimer founded Denver by putting down cottonwood logs in the center of a square mile plot that would eventually be the current LoDo neighborhood, making LoDo both the original city of Denver, as well as its oldest neighborhood. Then, like now, LoDo was a bustling and sometimes wild area known for its saloons and brothels. During the Sand Creek Massacre, it was LoDo where the heads of the slaughtered Arapaho tribe were paraded in victory. Environmental Bed Bug Exterminator Denver, Inc

As Denver grew, city leaders realized a railroad was needed to keep Denver a strong city, especially when the transcontinental railroad bypassed Denver for Cheyenne, Wyoming. In 1870, after much cajoling from town leaders, residents passed bonds that brought a 106-mile (171 km) rail spur from Cheyenne. This and later train lines ended up in the Central Platte Valley, adjacent to LoDo. Union Station became the place most people traveled into the city and LoDo would be the first part of the city they would see. This section eventually became Denver’s Chinatown from the 1870s to the 1880s, only to be torn down by race riots. By the mid-twentieth century, what was once a thriving business area had become a skid row. As highways and airports diminished the dominance of passenger railroad transportation, the importance of Union Station, LoDo’s most prominent building, waned.

Restaurants and Pubs

  • The Kitchen American Bistro is located at 1560 Wazee St, Denver, CO
  • Tupelo Honey is located at 1650 Wewatta St, Denver, CO
  • Next Door American Eatery is located at 1701 Wynkoop St Suite 100, Denver, CO
  • Swanky’s Vittles and Libations is located at 1938 Blake St, Denver, CO
  • Poor House on Market is located at 1410 Market St, Denver, CO


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