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Denver Zoo

If you’re visiting Colorado, the City of Colorado, you should consider visiting the 80-acre zoological park within Denver, Colorado. Denver Zoo Denver Zoo is the most famous place in the Denver metropolitan region.

Denver Zoo is dedicated to serving the people they do with a personal, engaging, educational, and inspiring journey into the world of nature. The beautiful city-based field station with the 3,000 plus wild animals acts as ambassadors for wild animals across the globe. Fantastic education opportunities and outreach groups awaken the curiosity of students of all ages across Denver’s metropolitan area. Denver.


To make the most simple visitor encounter, Denver Zoo will limit the number of visitors per day. Tickets for online purchase must be purchased for every visitor, including Denver Zoo guests (free) and children under two (free). Tickets for timed events are staggered each 15-minute interval. Tickets will not be sold at the gate and must be reserved online. Anyone unable to buy tickets online can dial 720-337-1400 from 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. to get assistance.


A membership with Denver Zoo can be about an incredible experience of having a relaxing time with your loved ones and connecting to the beauty of nature. As a non-profit institution, they depend upon membership fee revenue to pay for the top-quality care they offer for their 3000 animals. Bed Bug Exterminator Denver


Denver Zoo is the home of various animal species from around the globe, including amphibians and fish, birds, mammals, invertebrates, and many more. Denver Zoo has committed its time, training, expertise, and over $2 million per year to run conservancy programs within the Zoo and in the region, community, and four additional countries around the globe.

A recognized leader in wildlife conservation from 1998. Their contribution is evident in the restoration of the natural habitats of wildlands, conserving valuable natural resources reducing pollution, boosting endangered animal populations, decreasing the number of conflicts between animals and humans in vulnerable areas, and sparking a desire for a healthier planet within guests, donors, employees, partners and members of the communities.

Make an Impact Now


It’s a single donation, regular gift, or legacy that lasts forever. It’s your chance to contribute to Denver Zoo’s future. The animals require your help now more than ever before.


It’s much more than having fun with your loved ones. Denver Zoo membership supports the Zoo’s mission of educating people to be more involved in conserving wildlife for the future.


You can adopt an animal of your choice. Animals will be grateful by giving you a plush, cozy version of your favorite furry (or feathered or scaled) companion. Take them all home!

Address: 2300 sheets of steel St, Denver, CO.

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