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Downtown Aquarium

In 2003 Landry’s Restaurants purchased Downtown Aquarium. It was Colorado’s Ocean Journey Aquarium. In 2005, the Landry’s Aquarium was renovated and opened the Downtown Aquarium. The complex is an aquarium for the public with millions of gallons of aquarium exhibits that are underwater and showcase incredible ecosystems across the globe. More than 500 species of animal shelter Downtown Aquarium.


The Downtown Aquarium displays are NOW OPEN! The safety and health of their guests are their top priorities, which is why they have limited the Aquarium’s capacity to one hour in accordance with the recommendations of the State of Colorado. Tickets are distributed every 15 minutes for a chance to practice social distancing. The masks must be worn. Tickets must be reserved through the web.

You can go through here for purchasing General Admission


Downtown Aquarium in Denver, Colorado, is home to many marine creatures from various ocean regions.

An example of North America is the continent that is home to a variety of habitats. The fascinating habitats and the amazing creatures that call this planet home are the first steps in ensuring that the habitats will be available for generations to come.

Deserts have just 10 to 10 inches of rainfall each year, and they have a rate of evaporation that is higher than the annual rainfall. A species that lives in such a climate can adapt to dryness and extreme cold temperatures.

Under the Sea, The exhibit highlights the coral reefs found offshore across the ocean. Infinite tides characterize the habitats of wharves. Animals living in this area of the production are able to show a variety of adaptations to survive in harsh conditions.

The Rainforest displays in this region are home to different types of tropical forests. The habitats of this region are Mangrove swamps that are protected at the river’s bottom and where the submerged roots offer refuges for fish of small sizes. Bed Bug Exterminator Denver

Apart from experiencing the underwater world, you could also take your children on a visit to the Aquatic Carousel painted of a pony or a mysterious sea creature. The minimum height requirement is 42 inches or less” and is required to be in the company of an adult.

The theater seats 40 people and has comfy seats, with headrests and armrests for the cup holders, and usually comes with a variety of effects that bring out the emotions from the motion of the film to provide a unique cinema experience.

Dining Experience

Aquarium restaurant has a selection of seafood-inspired dishes, including chicken, steaks salad, pasta dishes, salad, and delicious desserts. Everyone’s underwater experience at Denver, the state’s Downtown Aquarium, begins around the 10,000-gallon tank and ends with a satisfying experience for their palates dining in the restaurants.

Address: 700 Water St, Denver, CO


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