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Larimer Square

A historical block located in Denver, Colorado, called Larimer Square, is among the city’s first designated famous local districts. It was once the location of Gahan’s Saloon, which was a prominent place to drink for police officers, politicians, and journalists. It was built in the 19th century. The second floor in this structure was an elegant ballroom. It was also the location of a bustling watering hole in the 1860s and a famous machine store throughout World War II, a bicycle shop, and the very first barbershop. The building was originally home to it was the Metropolitan Billiard Saloon, a popular spot for drunken commotions and occasionally gunplay.


The historic Colorado block is home to a variety of options for food.

  • Bao Brewhouse is a creative Chinese street food restaurant and tea shop located at 1317 14th Street.
  • Bistro Vendome is a traditional left bank style café with gardens that offer slightly contemporary versions of French standards. It is located within the year 1420 on Larimer Street.
  • Bubu offers an Asian Fusion in 1423 Larimer Street A bowl that can be customized with vegetables, grains, cereals, homemade dressing, and various toppings.
  • The Corridor is a bar that serves French and Champagne situated on 1433 Larimer Street with a bottle of bubbly, cocktails, and tasty bites in a cozy, ultra-chic place with a terrace.
  • Cru Food and Wine Bar are located at 1442 Larimer Street, a relaxed, napa-style restaurant chain that serves New American fare, stone-fired pizzas, and delicious cheese plates. Bed Bug Exterminator Denver



  • The Dog Savvy is a pet store located at 1402 Larimer Street that offers self-serve and full grooming services, dog clothing, snacks, food, and other accessories.
  • Hailee Grace is a boutique located at 1421 Larimer Street stocking relaxed womenswear and accessories with traditional roots but contemporary style.
  • Moda Man is store-like Hailee Grace but with a masculine look. It is located at 1549 Larimer Street; this boutique is renowned for its European and American clothes and accessories for men and custom-made.


Nightlife and Bars

  • Denver‘s famed Comedy Works is the name of a comedy venue situated at 1226 15th Street, infamous for stand-up comedy. The venue hosts famous comedians along with newcomers in a secluded basement.
  • Corridor 44, a French champagne bar located situated at 1433 Larimer Street, is a spot to enjoy a glass of champagne, cocktails, and tasty bites in a cozy, chic restaurant with a terrace.
  • Cru Food and Wine Bar is a bar that served wine in 1442. Larimer Stree offers a relaxed chain of Napa-style wine bars serving New American fare, stone-fired pizza, and cheese plates.

Address: 1430 Larimer St, Denver, CO

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